Tel-Aviv & Jaffa Private Tour

Walking in the streets of Old Jaffa – A historical tour in the past of the Holy Land.
-Egyptian conquest of Jaffa in the times of Pharaoh Thutmose 3.
-The territory of Dan tribe.
-Cedar’s of Lebanon for Solomon’s Temple.

-Richard the Lion-Hearted.
-French king Louis, the 9, commonly known as Saint Louis.

Suspended Orange tree – Why Jaffa orange became famous.

Sculpture of a whale by Ilana Goor – to remind us about the Biblical story
of prophet Jonah and the Whale.

Greek Mythology –  Where Andromeda was rescued by Perseus. ( Jaffa port).

Church of St. Peter – Saint Peter vision of ” clean and unclean animals” and it’s importance in Christianity.

“Zodiac Signs” Fountain – Zodiacs also appear in the street names and on Bridge of Wishes.

Flea Market – The Gate of Faith, The historical Tel of Jaffa.

Frank Meisler’s gallery – A famous Israeli architect and sculptor.


Tel Aviv

We will drive through the streets of Tel Aviv.

Rothschild Blvd -The Shalom Tower, the White city, Habima Square& The Mann Auditorium, Dizengoff Street.

Tel Aviv city Hall

 Sarona complex,( German colony)

University and Tel-Aviv port.

Price: $600 (Up to 7 people)