Private Day Tours From Tel Aviv Area.

Contact me to book a private day tour!

Important Details:

  1.  The basic cost for a private tour with the car is $600 up to 200 km, 9 working hours a day.

  2.  Аdditional kilometers – $1.5 per km.

  3. Additional hours – $60 per hour.

  4. Evening time( after 19:00 or 7 pm)-additional cost $60 per hour.

  5. The cost does not include entrance and parking fees, toll roads.

  6. The price is the US dollars and does not include VAT. A tourist is excluded from paying VAT if he provides a copy of his passport. The page in which the name and passport number are clearly seen. It could be sent by WhatsApp or Viber.

  7. If you pay in Israeli Shekels, VAT( now it is 17%) is added to the price.

  8. If you want me to guide you without my car the cost is $350.