Childhood in both sides of the Iron Curtain

I was born in the town of Chernivtsi, Ukraine (back when it was the USSR)

In 1970 my family immigrated to the United States against all odds, and united with my father’s sister who miraculously survived Auschwitz.

Uniting with one part of the family led to a separation with another part – my brother and his family were left behind the iron curtain.

Yeshiva life in the USA

In the US I was sent to a Yeshiva, a Jewish religious school. I studied Judaism, the Jewish scriptures and Yiddish. After the 1973 war in which Israel was in great danger, I had the desire to live in Israel and defend it.

Kibbutz life and military service

In 1976 I moved to Israel, lived in a Kibbutz and joined the Golani infantry brigade and served in the military for 3 years of mandatory service.

After my service I studied “Hotel Management” and worked for 10 years in the hotel industry tourism.
I had the desire to take my experience with the tourists I met at the hotel to the next level and become a guide.

Becoming a guide and the fall of the Iron Curtain

I studied for two years and received my license in 1991. I was one of the first guides who worked with Orthodox Christians pilgrims coming from the USSR.  It was a very special experience as for some of them it was their first time connecting with their religion and I was there to guide them.

My diverse background and experience gave me the ability to understand the needs of the tourist and the ability to explain complex topics to people with different backgrounds.

Private tours around Israel

In the last ten years I prefer to work with private guide.

In a private tour I can adjust the experience around the needs of my clients. I prefer the more intimate connection and I can make the most out of each stop and in total, deliver a more quality experience.

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