Looking for a Private tour guide in Israel?

My name is Yakov Rapoport, I’m a Licensed Tour guide with 28 years of experience guiding people around Israel.

Why traveling with me?

Diverse Background

I come from a diverse background which helps me deliver the story in the best suitable way for my clients. Click on the photo to read more.

I can take up to 7 people

I Drive a HYUNDAI I-800, can take up to 7 people with me.

I speak 4 Languages

I'm licensed to guide in Hebrew, Russian, English, and Yiddish. (For my Russian website Click on the photo)

Why traveling with a private guide in Israel?

By choosing to travel with an Israeli private tour guide, you are maximizing the experience from your trip. You will get suggestions for the best tour plans but also be flexible for changes according to your needs.

As a licensed guide, my knowledge is reliable and accurate. My knowledge, combined with my rich background,  gives me the ability to go deeper into many different topics. You will get detailed explanations according to your knowledge and beliefs.

As a local, I can tell you about the life in Israel and share with you what daily life in this country looks like – stories, jokes, and food recommendations.

Christian oriented tours

 I was one of the first guides who worked with Orthodox Christians pilgrims coming from the USSR. I’m aware of pilgrims needs, and interests, and ready to provide the best experience for you.

Jewish oriented tours

As a teenager, I was studying in 770 Eastern Parkway, Chabad-Lubavitch yeshiva and met the famous Rebbe face to face. I live in Israel since 1976 and know the culture and people..

Off the beaten track tours

Not your first time in Israel? looking to do something different? Want to go deeper on a specific topic? We can arrange tours to some less known  sites, see modern Israeli cities, and more.

private tours to Jerusalem

Private tours in Tel Aviv

68 facts you probably didn't know about Israel:

A clip by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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trips to israel for seniors

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private guide Jerusalem

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guided tours in Jerusalem

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